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Dedicated to the development, production and sales of electronic plastic products for the service industry

Jinshengxin Electronics · Product Features—— Provide high-quality products · Complete variety · Quality assurance · Support customization ——

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Widely used in lighting industry, electrical industry, electrical industry and circuit board industry and other fields

Choose the 4 advantages of Jinshengxin Electronics

Independent R&D and innovation, continuous improvement of production technology, and commitment to providing customers with better products and services

  • Strength advantage
    Strength advantage


  • Quality Assurance
    Quality Assurance


  • Technical team
    Technical team


  • service advantage
    service advantage


brand power

Professional R&D team The R&D team is composed of experienced professional and technical personnel, with strong independent innovation ability, which can meet the different customization needs of customers!

Committed to the development, production and sales of electronic plastic products in the service industry, so as to improve the competitiveness of the company's products and win a wider market with excellent quality and service.

Exclusive customization

Strictly control the quality of products, each link has strict requirements, after multiple quality inspection procedures to provide you with high-quality transformer skeleton, the whole process of standardized production process, multiple environmental control quality inspection standards.

Existing horizontal injection machine, vertical injection machine, side insertion machine, PIN insertion machine and burr machine, and equipped with a complete set of mold development equipment to optimize the product, the skeleton price is affordable, so that customers can rest assured.

fast delivery

Unique production process Relying on rich industry experience, a unique production process has been formed to ensure the production quality of products.

Our exquisite manufacturing process, from design, research and development, to manufacturing, and testing, we strive for excellence in every link. We can customize according to the different needs of different customers, and accept customers' drawings and samples.

Service Guarantee

Complete after-sales service system, sincere and thoughtful professional service, timely and rapid communication with customers, according to different needs of customers, tailor-made different products, your needs, we will achieve.

The customer service team provides 24-hour online service, and the after-sale products are guaranteed to handle and answer the questions reported by customers in a timely manner, and provide professional product solutions for different situations. Welcome to call to discuss!

Jinshengxin · Service process

Cooperation is only our beginning, and continuous win-win is the direction we will never stop

  • CommunicationDetailed requirements

  • QuoteReasonable offer

  • ProgramQuantity, style, time

  • contractEfficiency, Quality, Service

  • ProductionStrictly control

  • DeliveryDelivery to customer

  • After salesTroubleshooting


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Shenzhen Jinshengxin Technology Co., Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise specializing in the production, research and development, sales and service of BOBBIN, SMD, base, CASE and other products. The products are sold to mainland China...

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