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Brief introduction to the bushing repair and maintenance of the transformer skeleton II

Article source:Company Editor:Jinshengxin Technology issuing time:2022-06-27

Secondly, the installation should pay attention to the problem. Check whether the casing model is correct and whether the electrical test oil is qualified; check whether the casing oil level is suitable, whether there is oil leakage or damage to the porcelain sleeve; check whether the length of the lead wire is suitable, wipe the casing clean, and check the welding condition of the lead head ;The installation of the bushing should comply with the lifting operation rules, the transformer frame should prevent collision and damage to the porcelain sleeve, the inclination of the casing should be determined according to the angle of the riser of the transformer frame casing, and the string for pulling the lead should be strong and hung in a suitable place. Location. As the casing is installed, gradually pull out the lead lead. Pay attention that the lead wire should not be bent or knotted. If the lead wire cannot be lifted, the cause should be found out, and it should not be pulled with force or with a sling; the tapered insulation at the root of the lead wire If damaged, it should be re-wrapped; leads and terminals should have sufficient contact area and contact pressure. Terminals should be reliably sealed to prevent water ingress.

Again, overhaul should pay attention to the problem. Place the casing vertically on the bracket, remove the pressure equalizing cover at the tail, and discharge all the oil from the oil drain plug at the tail; first remove the small grounding casing, then remove the wiring seat gasket, and take off the expander; support the casing with the bracket At the end of the brass tube, tighten the spring pressure plate nut to compress the spring. When the tightening nut on the conductive tube is separated from the spring pressure plate, remove the tightening nut, and then remove the spring pressure plate, spring, spring bearing and upper porcelain sleeve in turn. ;Hang the brass tube, remove the tail bracket, lift the lower porcelain sleeve, remove the base, then drop the porcelain sleeve, and lift out the capacitor core; Reassembly is the opposite of the above sequence. After assembly, vacuum immersion oil should be placed in strict accordance with the process. Procedure is carried out.

Finally, the problems that operators related to transformer skeleton should pay attention to. The pre-test personnel should prevent the guide rod from rotating or breaking the grounding lead when disassembling and connecting the small casing lead of the end screen. After the test, it should be restored to its original state; after the oil sampling personnel work, the sampling plug should be tightened; the upper and lower casings should be prevented from accidentally stepping on the end screen when disconnecting the lead wire; the maintenance personnel should observe the casing oil level and replenish oil in time.

3. Specific measures

The main reasons for casing defects are generally: first, due to product quality problems or improper maintenance methods; second, due to incomplete vacuuming of the casing in the factory or overhaul, leaving air remaining between the casing screens; third, due to the poor quality of the rubber pad Close or over-cycle operation causes the rubber pad to age; Fourth, the casing structure is unreasonable; Fifth, the contact resistance of the wire connection part is large, causing local overheating.

After formulating corresponding countermeasures, we can formulate specific measures from the main defects:

In view of the unqualified casing oil sample, containing acetylene gas and other defects. The measures taken are: Strictly inspect the new casing to avoid failure caused by human factors.

In view of the poor sealing of the casing, there is the phenomenon of entry or oil leakage. The measures taken by the transformer skeleton are: keep the seal by replacing the rubber pad, so that the bushing has no leakage.

For defects such as overheating of the casing head. Specific measures can be used to change the copper-aluminum transition to copper-copper contact, thereby reducing the oxidation effect. In addition, in the process of dismantling, connecting, and guiding, pay attention to check whether all parts are well connected.

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